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At Simpli Dues, we use a straightforward pricing model based on a percentage of payments made to your group through our platform by your members. This ensures that our pricing is directly tied to the value you receive from using our service. Our fee is taken out of each payment, so there is no separate bill from Simpli Dues for your group to manage.

Our pricing includes two separate components for online payments made through our platform:

  1. Simpli Dues Fee: A 5% fee on member payments made through our platform. This fee is our source of revenue. It covers the cost of all features streamlining your group management experience, and enables us to maintain and improve our platform to meet your needs.
  2. Payment Processor Fee: This is an additional fee that is charged by our payment processor for handling the transactions made through our platform. This fee covers the costs associated with securely processing your payments, ensuring that your member's transactions and your group's settlements are handled with the highest degree of care. This fee is deducted from payments in its entirety by our payment processing partner. For information on current fees, see:

It's important to note that both of these fees will be deducted from the payments made through our platform.

Simpli Dues does not charge any fees for Check or Cash payments that are manually recorded into Simpli Dues.

By way of example, let's say your group collects $9,000 this year, $6,000 of which is paid through our platform, made up of 150 $40 payments. Our fee (Simpli Dues Fee) would be $300. In addition, the payment processor fee (which is 2.9% + $0.30 at time of writing) would amount to $174 + $45 = $219. The remaining $3,000 is collected via Check or Cash and manually recorded into Simpli Dues, which incurs no fees.


You won't need to pay any separate fees, such as hosting fees, to utilize Simpli Dues for your group.

By utilizing Simpli Dues, you gain access to powerful member management, automatic payment reminders, simple fundraising tools, clear reporting, and streamlined operations. Our pricing structure is designed to reflect the value we provide to your group.